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This water curtain can work with pump and filter, create various colorful water effect, bring elegance and beauty. Also OK to add waterproof LED light to decorate water.

Swimming pool water curtain using the power of high-speed water pillar, to knead the head, neck, shoulder and back. It can wake the pain, reduce the headache, remove the tire, relax the muscles, and remove the pain from the shoulder. Using the warm water press, to knead the head, neck, shoulder, and back to relax the brain and body, take you away from boring and vexation.

1. It can prevent heat stroke and cool down. In the hot summer weather, swimming in the indoor swimming pool can play a role in heatstroke prevention and cooling, because the human body emits heat in the water nearly 20 times faster than in the air. Therefore, the body produces much less heat in the water than it emits outside. The heat has played a very good cooling effect, one of the best choices for heatstroke prevention.

2. Helps to lose weight. Because the human body dissipates heat quickly in the water, and swimming requires full-body movement, the hands, feet, and head move together to beat the water surface, and the resistance of the water is also large. The physical energy consumed in the water is also relatively high. For the people who want to lose weight, it is nothing more than a very good and effective method. Especially for women, it can also play the role of abdomen and thin buttocks to make a more beautiful body shape.

3. Help to improve lung capacity. When swimming, you can choose snorkeling or breaststroke, or take a deep breath, make the lungs full of air, then hold your breath and slowly dive into the water, then slowly spit out the gas until all Spit it out. This long-term training can slowly improve heart and lung function and improve lung capacity.

4. Help to maintain a perfect body. Because when people are swimming, they need to overcome various resistances of water, consume physical energy, perform the anaerobic exercise, and convert effective burning of fat into muscle, which is exactly different from sports and bodybuilding on land. Swimming can reduce the various impacts on the bones on the land, and by overcoming the water resistance, the overall muscles of the people can be more streamlined and more evenly curved.

5. Helps increase resistance. Because the human body dissipates heat quickly in the water, the body needs to constantly replenish energy in order to adjust the body temperature, accelerate the metabolism of the new city, constantly balance the temperature inside and outside the body, and increase the ability to adapt to changes in the external temperature, thus playing a role in resisting the cold. The swimmer's own resistance is also slowly increasing.

6. Help prevent spinal diseases. Appropriate choice of backstroke during swimming can make the whole person lying on the water surface. With the support of hydraulic power, the human spine does not need to support the whole body at this time. It is in a state of no pressure, and the spine can return to its original position very well. Going down can effectively prevent spinal diseases.

7. Helps release stress. Due to long hours of work, people's physical and mental fatigue, coupled with the pressure of life and work, proper choice of swimming, can make people in a state of relaxation, the body's functions can be effectively released, so that people get a certain degree of relief in the spirit and improve work efficiency.

8. Help prevent shoulder inflammation. Due to work, many young people are sitting in the office and blowing air conditioners for a long time. Facing the computer and holding the mouse, some people will inevitably get shoulder inflammation. In fact, white-collar workers can choose swimming as appropriate during the summer. A way of exercising, because in the process of swimming and watering, you can get a good stretch and coordination of the head and shoulders, combined with the hydraulic impact massage, can prevent shoulder inflammation.

9. Help the skin to be smoother and more elastic. Since the skin of the human body is subjected to various resistances and frictions of water during swimming, an effective whole-body massage is applied to the skin to make the skin more elastic. At the same time, the swimming movement is different from the land exercise, and the salt in the sweat can be effectively reduced to the skin.

10. Help children grow taller. Swimming is divided into freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, snorkeling, etc. No matter which way, you need to use your hands and feet, you need the movement and coordination of the whole body, especially the effective stretching of joints and ligaments. For the children in the growing period, it is very suitable for long heights.

11. Helps reduce female dysmenorrhea. Swimming is a full-body exercise. Regular swimming can speed up the blood circulation in the abdomen and promote digestion. Especially for female friends with frequent dysmenorrhea, swimming often can effectively reduce or reduce monthly dysmenorrhea.

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