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Square Decorative Small Outdoor Water Fountains For Sale

  • FS10
  • Item: square decorative small outdoor water fountains for sale
  • Material: stainless steel 304
  • Voltage: 110V/220V/380V, 50/60HZ
  • Size: 2x4m(can be customized)
  • Pump: submersible fountain pump
  • Light: AC24V RGB light
  • Cable: IEC standard
  • Controller: PLC
  • Packing: wood case
  • Warranty: 1 year

Basic Information

FS10 model small outdoor fountain, size 2x4m, effect like a champagne, wedding cake, with music dancing, colorful LED light, very beautiful.Suitable for outdoor, hotel, shopping mall, plaza, garden use.
1.Decorative small outdoor water fountain is the art of flow, magnificent water fountain feature gives infinite enjoyment, in modern urban landscape design, water is an integral part of the musical fountain is one of the very important attractions.
2. Modern water fountain application of modern circulatory system, can make water smart up, to avoid the formation of stagnant water, smelly water, which can effectively save water resources, strengthen the use of waste water.
3. Commercial water fountain modeling rich, observable. Music fountain can form a spectacular sound landscape, with the music is more attractive, can form a variety of shapes, lively, spectacular colorful night landscape, is the theme of the night to enjoy.
4. Modern fountain can use the water system, while music fountain water can be reused green water, so to achieve the purpose of saving water. In addition, the water fountain can also increase the humidity of the air.

Now almost every city has its own commercial outdoor fountains. The existence of commercial outdoor fountains not only reflects the beauty and development of the city. In the city square, we can see that different squares have different commercial outdoor fountains, which are designed according to the type of square. But music fountain design company general fountain how to implement the design is reasonable?

At present, with the development of urbanization, the commercial outdoor fountains are more beautiful, normalized, gain controlled and driven by inverters or valves to regulate the lighting, but the environmental requirements should be paid attention to. There is a fountain in scale and a requirement to design an appropriate solution that can be promoted to meet injection water level fluctuations and light quality in unified music as a combination of commercial outdoor fountains. From the perspective of multi-functional music fountain design, how can fountain equipment manufacturers implement the design scope? Music can be designed to follow the closeness degree, and more appropriate playback devices can be completed on the strength of music or hardware respectively, so there will be more music options. As long as the display panel contains the volatility of music instructions, it can be convenient and direct. How to implement the design of commercial outdoor fountains?

In planning, you must consider the connection between water quality and drainage. The planning of the Ministry of water resources is inseparable from tranquility. For example, the power of water, the quiet lighting, antiskid, speed, noise, etc., must be carefully considered. You have to have a mind to keep things. The key to waterscape is management, only the effective performance of waterscape. Plan the water feature of the emergency plan. Water can not be separated from the container, so the planning of waterscape is not bleak, its formation is a certain condition, can not leave its living state. Planning meets the ecological requirements of waterscape. Planners also need to implement ecological awareness into every Waterscape project. Even though some projects are artificially large, they do not see ecological results.

For the network utilization of water, rainwater and cooling water, the use of fountain equipment configuration and spraying of oxygen anion, the use of water circulation activity structure, turbulence, landscape, etc., all have a grade and ecological practices. Garden art is the same as water science. Water landscape is a comprehensive engineering science, especially without the scientific knowledge of water conservancy, hydrology, water treatment and other penalties. From the integrity of water and water quality to the integrity of water outlets and waterfalls, profound professional theories permeate. The differentiation and development of the two levels of the fountain equipment industry are very serious. Some very smart fountain design and location selection are appropriate, which in turn is very attractive. However, some fountain landscapes do not stop because of various defects, which is a very common phenomenon.

In order to highlight its voltage amplifier, and directly control the size of the relevant sprinkler tank, increase the degree of music, there is a part of unity, followed by the tension of the meeting. There is a regular cycle playing. When the music fountain design company is designing the spraying process with which nozzle is opened, it should be realized according to the design way and swing. It is necessary to switch and oscillate, and force the big nozzle to have a dexterous connection degree of W. It mainly focuses on music, and shows bias in the design, and attracts more effect by opening music and the whole fountain. In the design of waterscape, the link water quality should be taken as an important planning basis. Very simply, once the waterscape is polluted, it will lose the landscape price immediately.

fs10 square fountain


  • a.Nozzle(stainless steel 304 or 316)
  • b.Beautiful LED light color changing(plastic or stainless steel)
  • c.Water pump(cast-iron and stainless steel)
  • d.Fountain stand(stainless steel)
  • e.Music dancing function option
  • f.Other accessories like ball valves
  • g.Can be used home, backyard, garden, outdoor decoration,etc.


Item name

square outside water fountains







Fountain size


Fountain spray height


Fountain light

AC24V, stainless steel RGB light or plastic light

Fountain nozzle

stainless steel/copper plated

Main material

stainless steel 304

Fountain height


Fountain pipe

diameter 51mm

Disk light

light can with automation/without automation


music controller PLC




24 months


CE, ISO9001, SGS


1 set/carton

Term of payment


Delivery time

7-20 working days

Shipping method

by sea/by air/by express/by logistic



Packing & Application

fountain packing_1

Factory production workshop

factory production picture

Container loading pictures


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