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Wholesale Stainless steel RGB fountain light

  • wholesale fountain light
  • Item:fountain light
  • Voltage:AC 24V
  • Light source:high power LED
  • Color:single color or color changeable
  • Color changing:automatically
  • Light color:7
  • Power:6W,9W,12W,18W,24W,36W
  • Waterproof standard:IP65
  • Easy installation with support
  • Packing:carton

Basic Information

Use as underwater light for fountain, water fountain light feature etc.

This LED underwater light can be designed into automatic color changeable or controlled by DMX controller.

Wholesale fountain light is also called LED underwater light. Generally, it is an LED fixture mounted on the bottom of the water. LED underwater lights are mainly used for underwater lightings such as large swimming pools, fountains, large fish farms, aquariums and marine living halls.

Selecting the wholesale fountain LED underwater light depends on several hard targets of the fountain LED underwater light :
First of all, the most basic fountain LED underwater lights protection level :
1.Dust rating
According to the national standard, the dustproof rating of the lamps is divided into 6 levels. The first therebetween . 6 the order of LED dustproof underwater light should reach . 6 stages, which is designated symbol: IP6X.

2.Waterproof rating
According to the national standard, the waterproof rating of the lamps is divided into 8 levels. The sixth stage is a water splash type, the seventh stage is watertight type, and the eighth stage is pressurized watertight type. The eighth level is that the waterproof level of the wholesale fountain LED underwater light should reach the level 8 request, and its symbol is IPX8.

Two aspects summarized above request, LED dust levels as underwater lights . 6 stages, waterproof rating . 8 stages, which is designated symbol: IP68.

Second security function
In the case of scenes, the selection of wholesale fountain LED underwater light puts personal safety at the top of the list. It is necessary in accordance with the national standard request, color with 12V or 24V safe voltage LED underwater lights.
Once again constitute the raw material of led underwater light
The wholesale fountain LED underwater light is immersed underwater for a long time, and its working environment is water or other liquid, which has the characteristics of electrical conductivity, etc. , so its outer casing material should have certain anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, anti-leakage, corrosion resistance, etc. Function, the surface paint layer should be strong. And the appearance and raw materials of the luminaire are related to the specific gravity of the luminaire. If the specific gravity is too small, a large buoyancy occurs, and the fixing screw of the wholesale fountain LED underwater light is simply loosened, so that the lamp floats on the water surface, and the lamp holder is too heavy to support the lamp holder.

Ultimate economy
Fountain LED economics underwater lights, is the sum of funding and operation of the lighting costs. Generally speaking, the wholesale fountain LED underwater light with better quality has higher price, longer service life and lower operating cost. Conversely, LED underwater light with poor quality, although the price is cheap, often leads to blindness due to water leakage and leakage. , not only increase the operating costs, and some even affect the acceptance of the whole project. As well as the personal safety of the construction workers.

Then the common specifications of the general LED underwater light are:
1.IP rating 68
2.Working voltage: AC12V/24V
3.Can display: always bright/colorful
4.Color: Red. Yellow. Blue. Green. White. Colorful. Warm White
5.Shell material: stainless steel or engineering plastics





fountain light




6W,9W, 12W, 18W,24W,36W


Stainless Steel 304


Change automatically


Music fountain




Packing & Application

fountain packing_1

Factory production workshop

factory production picture

Container loading pictures


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