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Suction head for pool cleaning

  • PVH-06
  • Name:Suction head
  • Brand name:Finn forest
  • Code:02012004011
  • Color:blue and white
  • Material:plastic
  • Original:China Guangzhou
  • Function:pool cleaning
  • Size:30cm length
  • Package:carton box
  • Warranty:12 months

Basic Information

Name: Triangle transparent suction pool head

Specifications: 14 inch (35X18CM) suitable for multi-lingual swimming pool, triangle with the bottom of the brush, so that the pool bottom cleaner

Material: high-grade transparent plastic

Color: transparent blue, very beautiful

Shape: Triangle

Handle: white plastic handle with steering

Features: 6 points brushing the bottom of the brush to the distribution

Suction head pool.jpg

Plastic handle with a 360-degree turn, so that smear more convenient, no dead air pollution, so that the pool cleaner. Convenient and practical. The bottom of the disk in the direction of the mouth around the distribution of seven plastic brush, suction dirt will be stubbornly attached to the bottom of the dirt brush, easy to suck, plastic brush does not hurt the bottom of the pool, suitable for any material Swimming pool.




Packing & Application

suction head package.jpg

Factory production workshop


Container loading pictures

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