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Superstar In Water Treatment Industry

The sand filter tank uses a special sand filter to eliminate tiny dirt in the pool. As a medium for removing dirt, the filter sand is filled in the cavity of the filter sand tank. When the control knob is turned to the "FILTER" position, the pool water containing suspended dirt particles is pressed into the filter pipeline by the pump, and then guided by the control switch to the outlet of the filter. The pool water passes through the filter, and the tiny dirt is trapped and filtered out by the sand bed. The filtered clean water returns from the bottom of the filter to the swimming pool through the control switch through the pipeline.

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The new style stainless steel sand filter tank, compared with the traditional fiberglass sand filter, are more durable,deforming-proof, and resistance to chemical and corrosives.

Moreover, the stainless steel is recycled, which is much good for the environment.

All sand filters with pressure gauge.Easy to install, maintenance-free.Effective life at least up to 50 years. Fiber sand filter service life for only 5 years.The acceptable temperature of more than 300 centigrade. But fiber only 43 centigrade.stainless steel pool filter tank is the best choice for hot spring pool.

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The product features of the stainless steel pool filter tank: simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, automatic control of operation, high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large processing flow, and few backwash times. It is widely used in deep filtration of swimming pool circulating water treatment systems.
The quartz sand of swimming pool sand tanks should be replaced once every 1-2 years for the following reasons:
(1) During backwashing, the filter layer will expand by 1.2 to 1.3 times the volume. The upward water flow will drive the filter layer to flow up and down, causing the filter material particles to collide with each other. Because the material is the same, the hardness is the same. Therefore, the filter material has Part of it will be broken into fine particles and lost with the backwash water;
(2) Due to insufficient purity of some quartz sand, welding will occur when the acid-base changes;
(3) After long-term use, the inside of the filter layer will be partially surrounded by colloid due to uneven water distribution and lose its function;

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Therefore, the longer the time, the worse the filtering effect of the sand tank. Since backwashing will consume and take away some sand, we need to replace the sand in the sand tank within the prescribed time limit.

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