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Swimming Pool Decorative PVC Mosaic In-ground Vinyl Liners For Sale

  • Mosaic pool liner
  • Item: swimming pool decorative pvc mosaic in-ground vinyl liners for sale
  • Color: mosaic
  • Size: 1.83 x 25m
  • Thickness: 1.2/1.5/2.0mm
  • Certificate: UV test
  • Use: swimming pool
  • Material: PE/PVC
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Package: roll
  • Business type: factory

Basic Information

Ideal for the walls and bottoms of swimming pools in all kinds of shapes and types,including public or private pools,SPA pools and other pools,Manufactured in reinforced PVC-P,this vinyl pool liners material is the most used for lining pools thanks to enhanced malleability,resistance to tearing, ease of welding,resistance to discoloration by UV rays and with a wide range of available colors. 

Made-to-measure above ground swimming pool liners are put together by high frequency welding machines at our facilities. Perfectly adaptable to any pool design or shape, with excellent watertight features, so you can forget about annoying leaks.

We can make product at buyer's required specifications. Our above ground vinyl pool liners will keep your pools looking beautiful year after year. 

Before the birth of the swimming pool liners, the decorative materials on the inner wall of the swimming pool have always used traditional swimming pool bricks or pool mosaics, but in the process of use, some swimming pool bricks and mosaics fell off in 1-2 years, and Later repairs are very laborious. Because the colors of different batches of bricks are different, it is difficult to unify the color of the repairs. The water in the pool should be cleaned when repairing, so that the cost of each repair is not low. But if it is not repaired, the fallen mosaic is easy to scratch the skin and infect bacteria. These problems have been plaguing the operators of the venues before the birth of the pool liners.

Why are pool tiles easy to fall off? Part of shedding mosaic swimming pool tiles may be the construction process, the proportion of cement caused by uneven, but the main reason for most of the swimming pool tiles falling off due to water quality caused by the pool. Because the water in the swimming pool is recycled, in order to achieve the standard of water quality, the water quality needs to be disinfected and filtered. The disinfectant commonly used in swimming pools is a chlorinated product, which reacts with substances in the water to produce weakly acidic substances. The cement calcium carbonate is alkaline, and the two will chemically react. The long-term use will inevitably cause the pool bricks to fall off. If the pool water quality is weakly alkaline, the pool bricks will fall off.

Above ground pool liners, as a new type of swimming pool interior waterproof decorative material, its material is made of PVC plus polyester fiber through the coating process, PVC material can resist acid and alkali, the joint is welded and sealed, it will not exist the safety hazard caused by the falling off of the swimming pool bricks. For indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot spring pools, children's pools and other places to choose inground pool liners as a decorative material is suitable!

Fenlin swimming pool liner supplier provides a green and environmentally friendly swimming pool liner. It is made of safe and environmentally friendly PVC material. The material is non-toxic and harmless. It has good UV resistance and shrinkage resistance. It can be used in indoor and outdoor pools.

Our vinyl pool liner has good corrosion resistance, especially chlorine corrosion resistance, which is commonly used in swimming pools. Moreover, our inground swimming pool liners also good resistance to thermal resistance, ±45℃ is no substantial change in the material, and a simple pavement, typically a standard pool. 7 days to complete the pavement, shorten the construction period, and the not-falling off will greatly reduce the operating costs of the operators.

1.5mm mosaics pool liner


  • 1. It replace the tile, because of easy installation and low cost in comparison with replacing tiles or standard cladding. Ensures total water tightness in odd shaped pools or pools with numerous steps. Compatible with concrete, prefabricated or steel panel pool.Can also be installed in pools with overflow.
  • 2. Retain heat in the pool, lowering expenses and extending the swimming season.
  • 3. Reduce the amount of chemicals required.
  • 4. Maintain cleaner water by keeping out leaves, dirt, and other debris.
  • 5. Prevent accidents and keep out unwanted visitors.


Code Pattern Size Thickness(mm)




2m x 25m

2010002015 1.5
2010003015 2




1.83m x 25m

2010005015 1.5
2010006015 2



Packing & Application


Pool liner installation picture


Container loading pictures

swimming- pool- liners

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