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    swimming pool filter manufacturers

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    Many people avoid buying a swimming pool filter as they do not consider it necessary or they do not know what sort of filter is most suitable for their own swimming pool.

    The first type of swimming pool filters, the sand filter, A sand filter makes use of sand to filter the water of particles and allows filtered water to run through easily supposed to remove any sand particles from reaching your swinmming pool and they are effective in stopping particles 20 to 100 microns in size to reach your swimming pool.
    The DE filters are considered to be the most efficient types of swimming pool filters, as they can stop even the smallest particles from getting in your pool
    The cartridge swimming pool filter has a similar method of functioning as your fridge or car purifier,The cartridge filter works in the same manner as  DE filter but without the use of any substance other than fabric mesh to filter the water.
  • Top mount stainless steel sand filter

    Top mount stainless steel sand filterMore >

    Fenlin is your professional swimming pool filter manufacturers if you are looking for a trusted supplier of  swimming pool stainless steel sand filter filter. Our pool sand filter styles: Side mounted sand filter, Top Mounted sand filter, Large Commercial sand filter, thermoplastic sand holderIn the living room,bedroom,bathroom and any other places,very convenient.

  • Stainless steel factory supply sand filter

    Stainless steel factory supply sand filterMore >

    The filter is using of special filter sand to eliminate the small dirt in the pool. The filter sand is used as a medium for removing contaminants and is filled in the chamber of the filter. Engineering personnel and technicians of us are rich in experience of design, development and manufacture of swimming pool filter.

  • Swimming pool accessories suppliers EM2816 Main drain

    Swimming pool accessories suppliers EM2816 Main drainMore >

    Fenlin is a professional swimming pool filter manufacturers, our Swimming pool accessories safe and reliable. If to buy lifeguard chair from factory far away, it is recommended to buy  the removable lifeguard chair, unit price is higher, but the freight will be much cheaper. Quality is also first-class, safe and reliable.

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