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Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment Construction, You Have To Know!

The best pool accessories water purification and treatment system project of the swimming pool belongs to the scope of building water supply and drainage projects. According to the relevant provisions of the water supply and drainage project, it can be used as an independent subproject, and independently select equipment and construction installation units to supply equipment, deepen design, construction and installation, system commissioning and quality acceptance of the subproject. For this reason, this paper will introduce the relevant requirements for the installation of swimming pool water treatment equipment and best pool accessories.


Before the installation of equipment and supporting facilities, the specifications, models, certificates, installation and operation instructions of the best pool accessories shall be inspected in full, and the concrete strength grade, position, size and flatness of the equipment foundation shall also be inspected, which shall meet the design requirements. Before construction and installation, the best pool accessories and supporting facilities shall be placed, aligned and fixed in accordance with the provisions of the design drawings and installation and operation instructions to ensure that the installation accuracy meets the requirements.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment Construction1

01construction regulations for circulating water pump unit:
1. It shall comply with the current national standard code for construction and acceptance of compressor, fan and pump installation engineering (gb50275) and code for construction quality acceptance of building water supply, drainage and heating engineering (gb50424).

2. After the overall assembly of the best pool accessories pump and the special pump for the swimming pool connected with the hair collector, etc., there is no abnormal phenomenon after the balance test, they shall not be disassembled at will; if any abnormal situation is found, the owner and the supplier shall be informed to carry out disassembly inspection and reassembly installation.

3. Flexible rubber joint shall be installed at the water inlet and outlet of the water pump, which shall be in a natural state, and the flange of the water inlet and outlet shall be vertical to the centerline of the pipeline. The water pump suction pipe shall be free of the airbag and air leakage, and the eccentric reducer shall be used for reducing, and the top of the pipe shall be flat connected. The water inlet pipe and outlet pipe of the water pump shall adopt an elastic hanger or elastic bracket. The pressure gauge on the pipeline shall be equipped with a buffer device, and a cock shall be installed between the pressure gauge and buffer device.

4. The specifications and models of the pressure gauge and valve on the water inlet and outlet channel of the best pool accessories water pump shall meet the design requirements, with correct position, flexible action, tight and watertight; the slope of the suction pipe to the pool shall not be less than 0.005. The valve on the connecting pipe with the water pump shall be provided with another bracket or support, and its weight shall not be pressed on the water pump interface to ensure the safety of the water pump. The vibration isolation of the water pump unit shall be installed on the concrete base or the profile steel base.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment Construction2

02 construction requirements of filter:
1. Before installation, the appearance and internal accessories of the equipment shall be inspected to ensure that the best pool accessories are complete, the specifications meet the requirements of the design documents, and the best pool accessories are firmly fixed to each other.

2. The strength grade, size, elevation and position of concrete for equipment base shall meet the design requirements, and the surface shall be flat.

3. The installation coordinates, elevation and perpendicularity of the filter, ozone water contact reaction tank and other static equipment shall be checked by the method of wire or ruler measurement. The allowable deviation of coordinates, elevation and perpendicularity shall be 15m m, ± 5mm and ± 2mm / m respectively.

4. The valve, instrument on the filter and other equipment and the observation window or water-short pipe on the backwash drainage pipe shall be easy to operate and observe.

5. The functional control parts, best pool accessories and equipment body shall be assembled and installed tightly without leakage. Dial diameter of the pressure gauge shall be 150 mm. The pressure limit value on the dial is 1.0MPa, and the scale score is 0.01Mpa.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment Construction3

03 installation regulations for water heating equipment:
1. When the heating equipment is connected with a non-metal pipe, a metal transition pipe section with a length of not less than 500mm shall be added between the equipment nozzle and non-metal pipe.

2. Pressure gauge, thermometer and vent valve shall be installed at the inlet and outlet of the heated water, and the range of the instrument shall not be less than 1.5 times the design pressure.

3. The position of temperature control valve and other valves on the heat medium pipeline shall be convenient for observation and maintenance, and there shall be solid support facilities.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment Equipment Construction4

04 ozone generator installation requirements:
1. Before installation, be familiar with the equipment installation instructions and precautions, and check whether the equipment is complete and intact;

2. Check whether the strength, position, size, elevation and flatness of equipment foundation meet the design requirements;

3. The materials and specifications of pipes, ozone syringes, pressure pumps, etc. for ozone gas transmission shall meet the requirements of the design or bidding documents, and their mutual connections shall be tight and reliable without leakage, and shall be marked with different marks;

4. The material and connection of the electrical circuit shall comply with relevant standards and specifications of relevant electrical engineering.

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