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The Best Pool Accessories That Are Must-Haves for Your Swimming Pool

When the water treatment equipment of a swimming pool is debugged, it can't be operated immediately. It also needs various functional accessories. Usually, the following are used. We will provide supporting facilities according to the actual use demand for the swimming pool.

The Best Pool Accessories That Are Must-Haves1

1. Stainless steel ladder: used for up and down swimming pool. In addition to the professional jumping pool and competition pool, for safety, the swimming pool is not allowed to jump directly. At this time, we need to use the pool ladder.

2. Wall-mounted underwater lamp: as a decoration, the pool wall lamp can provide better visual effects for clubs, villas and landscape swimming pools. It does not need to be embedded. It is an integral wall-mounted installation and easy to operate.

3. Cleaning tools: professional cleaning tools are indispensable for the normal operation of the swimming pool. Generally, cleaning tools include shallow net for cleaning floating objects on the pool surface, underwater vacuum cleaner for cleaning sediment at the pool bottom, pool body brush, leaf net, water quality testing agent, etc.

4. Safety tools: according to the actual use, lifeguard chair, waterline, departure platform, water depth warning sign, etc. are also required. If your pool is deep and large, it needs to be equipped with professional life-saving equipment in case of urgent need.

5. Disinfection supporting products: in addition to the circulating treatment of water, we need to add corresponding disinfection drugs according to the water quality, such as strong chlorine concentrate, chlorine tablets, instant tablets, pH regulator, etc. supporting equipment: electric mixer, dosing barrel, filter bag, filter barrel, filter basket, etc.

The Best Pool Accessories That Are Must-Haves2

How to maintain swimming pool equipment in winter?
How should swimming pool equipment be maintained in winter? Most of the swimming pool equipment is installed in the special machine room, but some of them are installed outdoors. In addition to daily maintenance, special attention should be paid to winter maintenance and antifreeze treatment.

The Best Pool Accessories That Are Must-Haves3

1. As the volume of water will expand obviously in the process of freezing, once the water in the water treatment equipment and pipeline freezes, it will directly lead to the expansion and cracking of the water passing part of the equipment and pipeline, resulting in a large number of economic losses. For the water treatment equipment installed indoors, when the system is running, the room temperature in the machine room shall not be lower than 0 ℃, while the equipment and pipes installed outdoors must have anti-freezing measures. When the temperature drops below 0 ℃, the operation of the equipment system shall be stopped as far as possible.

2. For outdoor swimming pool equipment and pipes, effective heat preservation measures can be added, which can be wrapped by the straw rope wrapped with plastic film, or wrapped by 1.2-1.5cm thick heat preservation cotton or heat preservation cotton pipe, and the joints shall be tightly wrapped with adhesive tape.

3. The swimming pool equipment shall be drained regularly according to the requirements to prevent the dead water from freezing and cracking the equipment and valves. In addition, the bottom water of the stopped and standby equipment and the FRP tank shall be drained, the stopped water pump can be disassembled, put into storage after oil maintenance, and then installed and used when the equipment is to be used in the next year. The cooler shall be provided with water circulation, the cooling equipment shall be preheated slowly when putting into use, and the pressure shall be prevented from being held at the place with pressure relief.

4. The antifreeze drainage of swimming pool equipment must be listed, registered and inspected. The tag out shall be implemented on the equipment, the registration shall be implemented on the head, and the inspection shall be implemented on the switch. For places prone to freezing disaster, antifreeze precautions and operation specifications should be clearly marked.

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