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The Commercial Value of the Pool Water Curtain Fountain

With the rapid development of science and technology, many industries have developed by leaps and bounds. The fountain has a history of more than 20 years in China, and it has become more and more mature. Many unexpected aesthetic effects have made the world stunned. The function of the fountain has gradually become involved in other industries, and advertising is one of them.




In fact, the fountain as a new form of advertising is still expanded by pool water curtain. The water body flows along a special line. Because the water hole is thin, the pool water curtain that looks like water when flowing down constitutes a silent shimmering water curtain. Later, with the continuous updating of the technology and equipment of the fountain industry, a digital water curtain was produced. It is composed of flowing water. The water wall flowing under the precise control of the computer can display various patterns and text information styles. And the products can be displayed in front of customers and tourists through pool water curtain, most of which are concentrated in large shopping malls or hotels and important city squares.




The pool water curtain film uses a high-pressure pump and a special water curtain generator to spray water from the bottom to the top at high speed. After atomization, a fan-shaped "screen" is formed. A special projector is used to project a special film on the "screen" to form a water curtain movie. This provides an excellent publicity platform for merchants to form advertisement images and publicity images and videos on the pool water curtain, which can attract a large number of people, and has better advertising effects and novelty.




Of course, in addition to its good advertising effect, it is also an important part of urban night landscape lighting. It is planned to set up a fountain laser show system in some important nighttime landscape nodes and urban portal areas, so as to meet the requirements of urban landscape lighting and meet the requirements of outdoor advertising, high-end, atmospheric and high-grade. It is believed that in the near future, with the gradual maturity of the fountain industry technology, the "water fountain body" will become the new darling of the advertising industry.

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