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Water Quality Monitor ORP / PH Digital Controllor Chemtrol 250

  • Water Quality Monitor

Basic Information

Description of Chemtrol 250

The water quality monitor Chemtrol 250 is a microprocessor-based digital controller designed to maintain both sanitizer ORP (oxidation-reduction potential or Redox) and water pH in high-end residential pools, small commercial pools and spas and light industrial applications.

Designed for affordability, simplicity of installation, ease of use and long-term reliability, it includes features normally not found on this type of controller, such as:

Adjustable Set Points;

Adjustable High and Low Alarms;

Adjustable Overfeed Safety Timers;

Adjustable Proportional Feed Control.


Installation of the Chemtrol 250:

  • a. CONTROLLER - Connect the controller to the 110 or 230V output of the Timer in parallel to the re-circulation pump.  This will prevent accidental feeding of chemicals when the pump is not running. Make sure to follow the electrical code.
  • b. SENSORS - Install the ORP and pH sensors on the re-circulation line or on the optional bypass line. The two sensors can be mounted directly on the main re-circulation line with 2" PVC tees, as shown on the schematic. For re-circulation lines over 2" in diameter lines, the sensors should be mounted on a 1/2" bypass line.
  • c. CHEMICAL FEEDERS - Connect the chemical feeders to the 110 or 230V controller outputs, according to the manufacturer's instructions, making sure to inject the chemicals downstream of the sensors. For a bromine or chlorine erosion feeder, install a corrosion-resistant solenoid valve on the intake line of the feeder. The controller is compatible with most ozonators and electrolytic generators.

Specification of Chemtrol 250


Water quality monitor


Chemtrol 250#

Monitoring items



220 x 180 x 100mm


1 year


Packing & Application

Factory production workshop

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