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Waterproof Liner for Pool

In the view of the swimming pool industry, waterproofing has always been a problem that plagues the construction of swimming pools, especially some special swimming pools, such as hillside swimming pools, rooftop swimming pools, and irregular swimming pools. The swimming pool waterproof liner easily solves this problem, which is both waterproof and decorative. At present, in Europe and America, plastic film has been widely used, and almost all private swimming pools use plastic film products. Today, “Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming Pool & Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd” will talk to readers about our new type of waterproof material-swimming pool liner.

Waterproof Liner for Pool1

1.About swimming pool liner

Swimming pool liner is a new type of waterproof decorative material for wading places, replacing traditional waterproof and mosaic tiles to create a different swimming pool. The swimming pool film is made of PVC material and is manufactured through a special production process. The professional name is polyvinyl chloride film. It is a coil made of synthetic resin as the main raw material and adding professional additives and stabilizers. , The finished product is resistant to corrosion and chlorine. Laid on the bottom and wall of the pool.


Waterproof Liner for Pool2

2.Development history

Swimming pool waterproof liner technology has been developed for more than 30 years. In Europe and the United States, swimming pool-specific waterproof film has basically replaced traditional tiles and mosaics, occupying 80% of the swimming pool market share, especially for large international competition swimming pools, such as previous Olympic venues, venues for the World Swimming Championships, etc. Moreover, almost all private swimming pools in Europe and America use this kind of film products.


Waterproof Liner for Pool3

3.Correct method of use waterproof liner for pool

The correct use method can increase the service life of the swimming pool liner, understand the characteristics of the swimming pool film product, and easily make the swimming pool fully waterproof.
(1)Mucus on the surface of the liner
Why is there a layer of mucous membrane on the surface of the swimming pool liner? This is mainly because the swimming pool has not been cleaned for a long time. For example, if the basin is full of water and left alone for a long time, there will be a layer of mucosa on the surface of the basin, so the same is true for the swimming pool film, Also need regular cleaning.
(2)liner fading
The swimming pool liner fades or white spots during use. Most of the reason is improper use of swimming pool disinfectant. Generally, when we use disinfectant, whether it is swimming pool tiles or waterproof coatings, we need to dilute first, and evenly sprinkle after dilution. Facing the surface of the pool.
(3)The liner is wrinkled
This is mainly due to two reasons. One reason is that the film is made of roll material. When laying the film, it needs to be stretched and allowed to dry for half an hour. The other reason is the process of installing the swimming pool film. 


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