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What are Above Ground Pool Liners Made of?

Swimming pool liners are used in various shapes of swimming pools, including public or private swimming pools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas and various walls and swimming pool bottoms. The primary purpose of the pool liner is to retain the pool water within the swimming pool while providing a clean appearance. The liner usually is made of vinyl, and can be printed in a variety of colors or patterns, and thicknesses of the material vary as well.



The swimming pool liner consists of two PVC films laminated together and reinforced with glass fiber. It replaces ceramic tiles because of simple installation and low cost compared to replacing ceramic tiles or standard cladding. Compatible with concrete, precast, or steel panel pools. And can also be installed in a pool with overflow. This makes it particularly suitable for home or public pools or other commercial applications. A variety of single colors and different patterns are available that will make your swimming pool look beautiful year after year.


The swimming pool liner is made of polyester geotextile material, which can hardly penetrate any sharp objects, can prevent the formation of "footprints" in the sand bottom under the swimming pool liner, and help prevent the vinyl liner from leaking.

When replacing the lining of an in-ground swimming pool, the swimming pool liner is a good installation aid. Made of durable plastic. Designed specifically for beaded swimming pool liners. High-quality filling materials will help prevent vegetation or tree roots from damaging the swimming pool lining. Go under the pool liner, on top of the sand foundation under the pool. You can also preset the size to fit your swimming pool, eliminating the need to cut and paste padding.


The swimming pool liner uses lap bonding and has the effect of surface-to-surface contact heat sealing, so as to achieve the purpose of durability in practical use. The steps basically include cutting and inspection steps, high-frequency heat-sealing steps and inspection steps; the PVC substrate is heat-sealed and bonded into a bottom block by lap, and then the long substrate is lapped and heat-sealed around the bottom block. Make a swimming pool liner, and then cover the liner on the light to check the adhesion of the heat-sealed substrates. The device of the present invention basically includes a cutting table, a high-frequency heat-sealing unit, and is characterized in that the knife-sealing device of the high-frequency heat-sealing unit is pivoted with two or more sealing knives (arc, straight, etc.), which can be restored by pressure The device performs the switching action of the sealing knife, so that the blade end of each sealing knife faces the table vertically downwards, and performs arc, straight, and other sealing.


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