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What do I Need to Know Before Buying A Pool?

Reasonable planning and design in the early stage is the basis for the long-term stable operation of the swimming pool. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, floor swimming pool or ground swimming pool, the following issues should be paid attention to in site selection and planning and design.


What do I Need to Know Before Buying A Pool1


1.Bearing capacity of swimming pool
The target of the steel structure swimming pool is that each square of ground bearing gravity must reach 1.7 tons. The main consideration for an outdoor swimming pool is whether the ground has the possibility of settlement, so customers and friends must carry out foundation hardening treatment for the ground when choosing the site, in order to prevent the swimming pool from cracking due to insufficient ground load during the operation process. The swimming pool on the floor needs to be reinforced, because the bearing capacity of the floor is generally not reached.

2.Floor height problem
The swimming pool built with too low floor height will give people a feeling of depression, but also affect the air circulation and will be wet and stuffy. But it should not be too high, too high will lead to larger cooling space, and the energy consumption required to maintain the pool temperature will increase when the temperature drops. Generally, the indoor pool floor can be as high as 3 meters.

3.Size of swimming pool
If it's a natatorium, it's suggested to choose a larger pool site. If it is a swimming pool for the fitness club, it is recommended to build a swimming pool with a half mark or less.

4.Pool site planning
After the pool site is determined, the next step is to prepare the design drawings. When designing, it is better for the customer to have CAD drawings to provide, and the designer can better plan the pool according to the CAD drawings. Because the design of the swimming pool and swimming pool platform, equipment room, men's and women's shower (including toilet), reception hall and restroom should be based on the actual situation of the site.


What do I Need to Know Before Buying A Pool2


Precautions for building a villa swimming pool
1. People-oriented principle. The villa swimming pool designer should take big safety as the center and want to do every detail for the villa swimming pool design, so that every small place has a high safety factor. From the selection of swimming pool equipment to the safety factor of an escalator and a small tile. This will give the future swimming pool swimmers peace of mind, rest assured. It can also bring better profits to the operation of the swimming pool.

2. The principle is that the water cycle reaches the standard. There are national standards for the water cycle of each swimming pool. The designers of the villa swimming pool should consider how to save energy and cost on the premise of reaching the standard. Every small detail should have the standard parameters for the design and construction of the national villa swimming pool. This is related to the cost of security checks and pool maintenance in the future. The standard of each parameter means the stability of the increased operating profit of the pool.

3. Environmental protection is the principle. One of the problems that villa and swimming pool designers must consider is that with the continuous increase of social economy and the impact of the information age of science and technology, the environment is more and more the top priority of all countries. The environmental problem is a sustainable development problem and a common problem for all mankind. Every project, every project, must start with the concept of environmental awareness. Therefore, the villa swimming pool designer must also be strict with himself, adhere to sustainable development, so that every swimming pool can show a sense of environmental protection and environmental performance of today's human beings.


What do I Need to Know Before Buying A Pool3


4. The design of the villa swimming pool combined with nature is undoubtedly beautiful. People can not only enjoy the comfortable life of the villa, but also enjoy the fresh and wonderful nature in the swimming pool. The sky is blue to suffocate during the day. The water in the infinity pool seems to be connected with the blue Indian Ocean. The advantage of this design is to break the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and integrate natural landscape and artificial landscape.

5. Choose a pool structure. Building a swimming pool will help you re-recognize your garden, and you will find inspiration for a new way of life in a corner of the garden. It is very important to choose a professional pool builder if you want to have a pool with reliable operation and simple maintenance. The swimming pool structure is very complex, involving all aspects of materials and technology, so the construction personnel must have professional technology, rich experience and a serious and responsible work attitude. Two key factors must be considered before the construction of the swimming pool: the reliability of the swimming pool structure and the filtration guarantee of water quality. In addition to the above considerations, the depth of the pool will also affect the comfort level of the pool in use, and the pool structure must be able to adapt to various climate changes, and easy to install.

6. Select the pool filtration system. The selection of filters will directly affect the water quality and daily maintenance of the swimming pool. The traditional way of pool construction is to build underground pipes by the poolside, which are connected with equipment boxes and pool filters. The integrated filtration equipment of Yap has greatly changed the traditional filtration system and developed a unique non-pipeline filtration system. The designer has considered that it is necessary to remove the underground pipes that are easy to cause leakage and the machine rooms that waste space. The filtering of pool water is to use the filter bag with the filtering accuracy of up to 6-15 microns. The water is sucked in through the suction port, filtered by the filter bag, and discharged to the front and side nozzles of the pool. In this way, the water in the pool has the principle of convolution, ensuring that the water in the pool is filtered through the filter bag.

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