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What Pool Accessories Or Options Should I Consider?

Today, I'd like to tell you something about the construction of swimming pools, especially friends who love swimming. Owning a private swimming pool will definitely make you feel happy. With the development of the economy, people pay more and more attention to their quality of life, and private family swimming pools are more and more common. It can bring infinite fun to the family, relatives and friends. It has become a modern swimming fitness and avoidance. A good place to cool down in the summer and entertain relatives and friends.

What Pool Accessories Or Options Should I Consider1

Shape and location of swimming pool
There are too many shapes of the leisure swimming pool, including standard shape and abnormal shape, which requires us to give full play to our imagination space. Of course, if you prefer swimming and fitness, the standard rectangular size may be the most appropriate, so it is more convenient to swim. If there are many children or friends at home, you can design an irregular shaped pool to distinguish between shallow water area and deep water area! In addition, whether the swimming pool is built indoors or outdoors is also a consideration for many people. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these two swimming pools.

outdoor swimming pool
Advantages: good environment, good air and plenty of space;
Disadvantages: no shelter, the water quality is easy to be affected by rain/leaves (cover plate can be installed), the water temperature is not constant, and it is difficult to heat the swimming pool at a constant temperature in winter;
indoor swimming pool
Advantages: stable water quality, not exposed to the sun, no UV, more constant water temperature, more privacy;
Disadvantages: the air is not as good as the outdoor, need to control the indoor temperature and humidity constant, to prevent water vapor, chlorine and other corrosion to the building;

What Pool Accessories Or Options Should I Consider2

Water circulation purification system
1 purpose of water circulation in the swimming pool

a. Save water, protect water and energy, respond to the call of national energy conservation;
b. The water in the swimming pool is circularly filtered to keep the water in the swimming pool clean and sanitary to prevent the harm to the human body caused by water pollution;
For example, the circulation purification equipment is like the organs of the human body, with a clear division of labor, maintaining the long-term and stable operation of the body!
2 swimming pool water circulation mode
There are three most commonly used circulation ways of swimming pool, one is forward flow type, one is reverse flow type, and the other is mixed flow type. Each of these three ways has its own characteristics. Therefore, in the actual project, it is necessary to make the right choice in combination with the use of the swimming pool.

Swimming pool accessories
In addition to this larger equipment, the construction of the swimming pool also needs a lot of parts facilities. It is mainly composed of water supply outlet, return outlet, drain outlet, sewage suction outlet, skimmer, overflow return tank and overflow tank, swimming pool grille, water escalator, underwater lamp, swimlane line, departure platform, etc., each of which has its own use, which will not be introduced here.

What Pool Accessories Or Options Should I Consider3

Daily management and maintenance of swimming pool
The clear and blue pool water, with no peculiar smell gas and beautiful and comfortable environment, can not only make the people in the swimming pool feel fresh and pleasant, but also meet the enjoyment of leisure, recreation and fitness.

With the popularity of swimming in China in recent years, the number of swimming pools is also increasing rapidly. In addition to the hardware and facilities of swimming pools, we must attach great importance to the sanitation of swimming pool water. If the swimming pool is simply understood as a person, the swimming pool is a body, and the water circulation purification system is an organ, then the pool water is the blood. Our normal maintenance is very important. For example, it is necessary to constantly supply the body with the necessary nutrition, increase immunity through healthy exercise, etc., and the same is true for swimming pools, so it is necessary to be more careful in the selection and management of water quality in swimming pools!

The basic process of water circulation in the swimming pool: circulating water pump + filtration and purification equipment + heating and constant temperature equipment + disinfection equipment;

What Pool Accessories Or Options Should I Consider4

The size of the swimming pool is different, and the corresponding solutions are different. Large and medium-sized swimming pools often need independent equipment rooms. Different equipment combinations are placed according to the configuration list, while relatively small family private swimming pools have more options. The following is the introduction:

Split type: the pool body needs to be designed with a circulation pipeline, independent equipment room, and perfect circulation purification system. The installation is complex and the operation and maintenance cost is high;
Integrated-type: now there are two types of buried type or wall-mounted type on the market, which can be selected according to different needs. The buried type integrated machine needs the tank body design circulation pipeline to achieve better purification requirements, while the wall-mounted type does not need the tank body circulation pipeline, only needs to be installed in the corresponding position, but the relative configuration is relatively simple, the filtering effect is limited, and the underground type integrated machine configuration is relatively more. Overall, the filtering effect will be better.

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