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When Does the Sand Filter Tank Change Sand?

With the advent of summer and the swimming pool entering the peak season, the normal use of a swimming pool is inseparable from the maintenance and use of swimming pool equipment. Today we will introduce the use and maintenance of the swimming pool sand filter tank.

The sand filter tank is the earliest and most popular one in the environmental protection field and the deep treatment of sewage. The sand filter tank uses quartz sand as the filter medium. The filter material has high strength, long service life, a large amount of treated water, stable and reliable effluent quality. The function of quartz sand is mainly to remove suspended solids, colloids, sediment and rust in water. The principle is to use the water pump to pressurize and remove the pollutants that have already flocculated in the water through the filter material to achieve the purpose of purifying water.

The characteristics of quartz sand filter sand cylinder: simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, automatic control of operation, high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large processing flow, and low number of kickbacks. It is widely used in deep filtration of swimming pool circulating water treatment system.


The quartz sand of the swimming pool sand filter tank is best replaced 1 to 2 years for the following reasons:
( 1 ) When the backwashing, the filter layer will expand upward by 1.2 to 1.3 times, and the upward water flow will drive the filter layer to flow up and down, so that the filter particles collide with each other. Because the materials are the same, so as the hardness, therefore, part of the filter material will break into fine particles that are lost with backwash water.

( 2 ) Some quartz sands have a lack of purity, and there is a fusion phenomenon when the acid-base changes.

( 3 ) After long-term use, the inside of the filter layer will be partially surrounded by colloid due to uneven distribution of water flow, and will lose its effect.

Therefore, the longer the time, the worse the filtration effect of the sand filter tank. Since the backwash consumes and takes away some sand, we need to replace the sand in the sand filter tank within the prescribed time limit.


Steps for sand change in swimming pool sand filter tank:
1. Open the sand filter tank, clean the original sand and dirt, and select the sand with a shape of a regular hexahedron with eight edges.

2. Stacking of quartz sand: There is a gap between the corners and edges of each quartz sand in the stacking of quartz sand. These gaps allow water to pass smoothly and impurities larger than the gap can not pass, so that plays a role in purification. The size of the gap determines the filtration precision of the sand cylinder. When the gap is small, the filtration precision is high, but if the gap is too small, the water output of the entire sand layer is reduced, thereby affecting the water output of the sand filter tank.

Therefore, the gap between the quartz sands determines the filtration effect, and the size of the quartz sand and the integrity of the quartz sand directly determine the size of the quartz sand voids. Therefore, it can also be known that this is an important factor in sandbox filtration.

3. The paved sand, sand filtration tanks installed, check the tightness attention.


Swimming pool sand filter tank sand replacement matters:
1. Before replacing the sand, use a waterproof material (such as plastic) to completely cover the electrical components near the sand tank to prevent burnout.

2. When loading sand, the center tube should be sealed with raw material to prevent sand from entering the center tube.

3. When cleaning the sand, be sure to wash and then backwash. When backwashing, pay attention to the pressure gauge. If the pressure exceeds 3kg during backwashing, switch to the positive wash immediately.

4. The loading volume of sand does not exceed 70% of the total volume, so as to have backwash space.

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