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When Should Sand Filters For Swimming Pools Tank Change Sand?

With the advent of summer, the swimming pool has entered the peak season, so the normal use of a swimming pool is inseparable from the maintenance and use of swimming pool equipment. Today we will introduce the use and maintenance of sand filters for swimming pools tanks.

When Should Sand Filters For Swimming Pools Tank Change Sand1

The sand filters for swimming pools tank is the earliest and most common one used in the field of environmental protection and advanced sewage treatment. The sand filters for swimming pools tank uses quartz sand as the filter medium. The filter material has high strength, long life, large treatment water volume, and stable and reliable water quality Notable features. The function of quartz sand is to remove suspended solids, colloids, sediment and rust in water. The principle is to use a water pump to pressurize the pollutants that have been flocculated in the water through the interception and adsorption of the filter material to achieve the purpose of purifying water.

When Should Sand Filters For Swimming Pools Tank Change Sand2

Product characteristics of quartz sand filters for swimming pools tank: simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, automatic control can be achieved during operation, high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large processing flow, and few backflushing times. It is widely used in deep filtration of swimming pool circulating water treatment system.

When Should Sand Filters For Swimming Pools Tank Change Sand3

The quartz sand of the swimming pool sand tank is best replaced every 1-2 years for the following reasons:

( 1 ) During backwashing, the filter layer will expand 1.2 to 1.3 times the volume upwards, and the upward water flow will drive the filter layer to flow up and down, causing the filter material particles to collide with each other. Due to the same material, hardness is the same. Some will break into fine particles and be lost with backwash water;

( 2 ) Due to insufficient purity of some quartz sands, there will be a welding phenomenon when the acid and alkali changes;

( 3 ) After long-term use, the inside of the filter layer will be partially surrounded by colloid due to uneven distribution of water flow and lose its function;

So the longer the time, the worse the filtration effect of the sand tank. Since backwashing will consume and take away some sand, we need to replace the sand in the sand tank within the specified period.

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