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Wholesale Pool Filters

Fenlin wholesale great prices on brand name pool filters for above ground or inground swimming pools. Find the best pool filters at the best prices.

1.Selecting the Right Swimming Pool Filter
In order for you to choose the best type of swimming pool filter for your needs. Firstly, you should find a reliable pool filter and filter system company. Secondly, you have to know what types of pool filters are available. The three most common types of swimming pool filters are Cartridge, Sand and Diatomaceous Earth Filters
in Guangzhou Fenlin Swimming Pool&Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd,  You can compare pool filter models, read recommendations and other information from our pool experts, and get product reviews on pool filters for above ground and inground pools.
2.Don't Clean Pool Filter By Yourself:
Pool filters may be dangerous but it is necessary that they have regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure a pool stays clean. Otherwise, a pool may become clouded and eventually find itself home to many dangerous pathogens. For a quality swimming experience make sure to seek out a pool cleaning professional for all pool filter cleaning.
  • Side mount 1000mm water cycle sand filter

    Side mount 1000mm water cycle sand filterMore >

    You can wholesale pool filters from Fenlin.The filter is using of special filter sand to eliminate the small dirt in the pool. The filter sand is used as a medium for removing contaminants and is filled in the chamber of the filter.

  • Factory supply swimming pool sand filter

    Factory supply swimming pool sand filterMore >

    pool sand filter play an important part in the cleanliness and overall maintenance of your pool ,Fenlin is you No.1 pool filters suppliers stop for filters From customer consultation to specific project parameters measurement, quotation, and then transportation, installation and a series of links for professional guidance, the full solution for the customer solution worries.

  • swimming pool sand filter

    swimming pool sand filterMore >

    Pool sand filter styles: Side mounted sand filter, Top Mounted sand filter, Large Commercial sand filter, thermoplastic sand holderIn the living room,bedroom,bathroom and any other places,very convenient.

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