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Wireless Inground Swimming Pool Underwater Led Lights Bulbs

  • PLP-003E
  • Name: wireless inground swimming pool underwater led lights bulbs
  • Material: ABS and UV
  • Type: wall hanging pool underwater lights
  • Size: 300 x 70mm
  • Voltage: AC12V
  • Power: 9w 12w 18w
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Color: colorful, blue, red, green, cool white
  • Certification: CE, Rosh, ISO, SGS
  • Warranty: 12 months

Basic Information

1.Our inground pool light is used in underwater for swimming and spa pool.The material of the lamp is ABS+UV which is anti-rust and anti-UV even used in a salt water pool. And the lamp is filled with epoxy inside,which makes it 100% waterproof.

2.Swimming pool light bulbs, also known as led underwater light, is a kind of underwater light, simple refers to the light of the swimming pool, the appearance is small and exquisite, beautiful and generous. Because led underwater light is used under the bottom of the water, it needs to bear a certain pressure, so it is generally made of stainless steel, 8-10mm tempered glass, silicone rubber sealing ring, curved multiple angle refractive tempered glass, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-leakage, Anti-corrosion, but some parts are made of plastic material, using high-quality PVC material, and the hardness is good.

3.All use 1W high-power LED light source, long life, low power consumption, pure color, no pollution and other significant advantages.

4.Can be controlled with DMX512 control system, can achieve a variety of color changes. It can be immersed in water for a long time, the protection level is up to IP68, and the voltage is low voltage 12V/24V, which is safe and reliable. The stainless steel outer casing/plastic outer casing has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and strong impact resistance. And it has a good waterproof design, easy maintenance and easy installation.


Different lighting effects can always give people a visual impact, creating a variety of different effects. A wide variety of lights can be seen in many places besides the lights used in everyday life. For example, fish tanks, aquariums, fountains, garden landscapes, swimming pools, lakes, park squares, etc. can all see the effect of lighting. Most of the lights that are often used in these situations are in contact with water, so we call them "underwater lights."

1. What are the national or industry standards for swimming pool lights?
In the international standards, the national standard for the protection against the electric shock of lamps is divided into four categories: namely, O, I, II, III. GB clear rules, underwater lighting for places like swimming pools, fountains, splash pool, etc. , should be maintained against electric shock III type lamps. The task voltage of its external and internal lines should not exceed 12V.

2. What are the safety performance requirements for inground pool lights?
When installing the pool equipment underwater light, for the choice of the luminaire, first pay attention to the waterproofness of the luminaire, the supply voltage, the power consumption of the single luminaire, and then calculate the wire diameter of the cable. According to the international standard rules, the waterproof rating of the lamps is divided into 8 levels. The sixth stage is the water splash type, the seventh stage is watertight type, and the eighth stage is pressurized watertight type. The eighth level is the highest, and the waterproof level of the LED underwater light should reach the level 8 requirement, and its symbol is IPX8. According to the national standard, the dustproof rating of the lamps is divided into 6 levels. The sixth level is the highest, and the dust level of the LED underwater light should reach level 6 and its symbol is IP6X.

3. How to properly install and use swimming pool led lights?
The rated voltage of the luminaire is the electrical parameter standard of the luminaire. It directly determines the operating environment of the lamp. The actual task voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage. Otherwise, it is not because the voltage is too high to burn out the light source, or because it is too low to achieve the illumination effect of the light. Generally, underwater lights use low safety voltage, which involves low-voltage and high-current power supply, which will affect the voltage drop of the line. The voltage drop at the end of each line must be calculated first. Secondly, the electrical connection box or 12V low voltage transformer and the pool should be at least water line 20 is cm high away from the ground 20 is cm high, from the edge of the water must be at least 120 cm. Within 150 cm of the pool, the lighting assembly and other metal parts should be connected by wires and grounded well. The underwater light circuit must have a leakage protection socket and a circuit breaker. The power supply to connect the underwater light to the circuit breaker must be cut off before servicing the underwater light.

When installing the underwater light, consult the local building design authority to ensure that the swimming pool electrical system meets the following criteria:

1). The installation position of the luminaire shall be a vertical wall surface, and the top of the lamp shall be 45.5 cm below the normal horizontal plane ;

2). Wrap at least 120 cm of wire behind the underwater light to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the underwater light in the pool filled with water.

3). Reserve at least 15 cm of wire at the junction box location for the connection line.

4). After connecting the two wires to the corresponding position in the junction box, close the junction box cover and seal tightly.

5). Turn the light slightly to ensure that the light is attached to the mounting bracket.

6). The underwater hanging lamp with stainless steel casing must be grounded.

7). The underwater light of the swimming pool can only be immersed in water to avoid burning the light source for a long time.

8). Safety isolation transformer must be used

4. Is the swimming pool light bulbs harmful to the human body?
Normally, it is safe to use LED lights as underwater lights. When the voltage reaches 36V and the current is 6A, it will pose a life threat to the human body. It is not difficult to find through calculation that the current generated by a 50W lamp connected to a 12V low voltage is 4.16A, and most of the LED lights are within 25W. Manufacturers usually configure a variety of different wattage lamps for customers to choose. The customer will be provided with detailed product installation instructions and free technical consultation services. If necessary, the customer can also arrange for professional assistance to install.

Therefore, as long as it is used according to the specifications and requirements within the allowable range of safe current, and the underwater light is regularly guaranteed, it will not cause any accidental injury. Only improper installation operations that are not strictly in accordance with the standard standards will result in electric shock, loss of property of the pool user or installer, serious injury and other adverse effects.

pool led lighting


  • 1. Super bright LED lamp, saving energy effectively, diversiform color provided, long using life, can stand high aseismatic, no UV and IR radiate, work safely under low voltage AC12V.
  • 2. Adopt PWM invariableness currency technology, high effectively, low heating, in variableness currency at 12V, high precision.
  • 3. Power supply efficiency: 80%, power factor: 0.9, EMI accord with global index.
  • 4. Crust Temperature lower than 65°C(Environment Temperature =25°C).
  • 5. IP68 waterproof: Groove and bayonet design perfectly between lights cover and light body.



PLP-003E led swimming pool lights






9w 12w 18w


colorful / blue / red / green / warm white / cool white


300mm x 70mm

Waterproof standard

IP 68



Control type

a remote controller or automatic





Packing & Application


Factory production workshop


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